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Clockwork x male reader

Clockwork X Male Reader


Transformers prime x male reader lemon lemons between human or cybertronian readers and robots from transformers the movies or the series. So like the reader is really tall and scary looking but is a totally sweetheart when. This is just something i wanted to make because i love danganronpa so much.

Name: Karrah

What is my age: 32
Available for: Male
Sex: Woman
Color of my hair: White
Tattoo: None

Dark Link He loves it, especially when it means he can go into public with you without having to go through the effort of disguising himself. So uh this is a drawing I guess. Toby -Toby does not care how sick you are, he will love you until he also gets sick. Random Soft CP Headcanons -Toby loves to have his hair played with by people who are close to him -The moment Sally found out about Squishmallows she was obsessed with them.

Male reader x female lemon : fem anime x male reader lemon / so like the reader is really tall and scary looking but is a totally sweetheart when.

He felt touch starved and lonely but tried to keep himself by doing anything and everything to keep himself busy, but ended up wearing the clothes of his dear boyfriend while pacing around the house. Maybe you can both cosplay as LoZ characters, and go make people in public angry. The first time you really showed your hyper and loud side he was honestly surprised. I hope you get better! See this in the app Show more.

Posts Inbox open :D Submit a post Archive. He is very, very stubborn at times, which might lead to some complications, but he wants to work through any issue you two might have. Frozen Toby x Reader Chapter 1 Keep reading. Tim and Brian have matching tattoos as well. They went in the opposite direction with their lives and work as superheroes. He can show you the prettiest places in the forest, inside of the Slender forest and in the areas surrounding it.

None of them met any of the Slender brothers. His arms feel smooshed beneath him as he wraps his arms around Brian, but he could care less.

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Her first one was given to her by Jane -Jane and Natalie spend a good bit of time together. He wants to help ease it, as he knows it can really, really suck to have at times. It keeps the place going.

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Sally and Lazari noticed and begin ing them, and they often have tea and coffee together. They look like old used college text books -Liu and Jeff spend some time together from time to time when they miss how things used to be. I think you would go well with Tim in an opposites dynamic sort of ship!

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They look like old used college text books. He tries to press into him more to rid himself of his discomfort.

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Frozen Toby x Reader Chapter 2 Keep reading. He especially loves to take you outside of the Slender forest, where there are a lot of animals.

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Turning them into mythological creatures, etc. He needs energetic people around him to keep him going. Everyone around acts like they hate it but they all wish they have what you both have. Brian quickly sweeps the boy off of his feet before carrying him to his couch and sitting down with him and covering them both with the quilt that had been draped across the couch in one swift motion.

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Keep reading. Jeff, BEN, and Toby have a matching tattoo on their left wrists. I hattteeee myself I just deleted an entire post by closing my browser on accident Oh my GOD ahfhdabdsfbhjdsf.

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They often talk about what life could have been if things had been different. No one but the proxies know about this -Helen has picked up tattoo art and has tattooed several of the creeps now. Originally posted by enisteyjia.

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It keeps the place going -They have a good sized library with books stolen over many, many years from many places. Anonymous asked: can i request a hoodie x male reader?

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No one but the proxies know about this. I hope you like it and I can revisit this when my one other brain cell is awake. He would get used to it over time and come to enjoy it. Her first one was given to her by Jane. If you have any suggestions, let us know. The anime, not the game by the way. He himself has a form of schizophrenia, and he has some ways to deal with his, as well as some of the types his friends have.

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Not Creepypasta sorry Non Creepypasta things are under not creepypasta. He has a special creek he enjoys going to, where pretty fish swim. Animals love to go to the creek as well, so you can be surrounded by wildlife. The cuddles feel so much better when he wants them, and he really feels like he could get used to this. He loves it, especially when it means he can go into public with you without having to go through the effort of disguising himself.

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Yandere clockwork x male reader yandere clockwork x male reader I have recently been looking for a person to fix the pocket watch I found in a closet.

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