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Argonian sex fanfiction

Argonian Sex Fanfiction
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Name: Natalie

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I turned Argonian disarming smile towards the Dunmer woman. It had been ages since a transaction had gone so simply. My tail snapped like a whip from beneath my cloak and cracked into his open ribs. The way she danced through the crowds there confirmed my suspicions. I ducked to the side of the next punch and threw a sharp jab back.

Sex the one that killed the dragon that attacked yesterday. I waved off her concern while I took note that she seemed rather random about which title to refer to me as. It didn't occur to me that it would be you. It took no insisting for me to bend down and press my lips to hers in a deep kiss. He let out a sharp gasp of pain and buckled slightly from the unexpected blow.

I found Taryn still busying herself with surveying some fanfiction. If he wanted to chat he should've sent one of his guards, not one of his soldiers. The attack didn't hurt or particularly faze me but it gave me enough push to move Rolff around to my side. He tossed me a coin purse. The two Nords left and I turned to the almost-forgotten Dunmer woman. Perhaps I had simply been around Lydia for so long that a civilian girl just seemed small in comparison. What do you want?

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You move around a lot in your sleep," I called back on my way out. Then I'll figure out a way to work off the cost of staying here.

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It wouldn't do for me to throw the first punch. Friendly advice. His eyes narrowed back before he let his head fall in defeat.

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The blonde one, Rolff, caught my shoulder in a rough grip on my way by. Apparently I had missed her before. From what I could see through the thick wool clothes Taryn was rather slender, though her firm handshake belied a subtle strength.

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It occurred that she might like something to do while I was gallivanting around town. Lydia's sharp gasp startled me and drew my attention while I was tightening down the straps of my armour.

Monster love — the argonian kidnapper

What's that? The man sputtered for a moment at my interjection. It only took a moment to pack a blanket around her to make sure she couldn't jostle her ribs too hard in her sleep. At least it had been easy to ignore my aches and pains when I had Lydia's naked body to distract me from them.

I know you may not be fond of the idea but you've gotta rest and let yourself heal.

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I thought that maybe I had made an error in continuing with the energetic girl as I followed her down the streets of Windhelm. My fingers' journey ended at her cheek and I gave her an affectionate stroke.

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Despite my plans to ignore the likely commonplace issue and simply continue on my way I found my feet walking towards the group. I felt a rush of blood lust pound through my veins at the prospect of a fight. Listen, sir Or for beating a man over her, for that matter. It fanfiction seem right that you should be out there without me to keep you safe, my Thane," Lydia said after a moment of silence.

That one you drank was the last we had. Sex was a male human behind a counter covered in potions and ingredients on display. If you go to sleep, make sure you're tucked in pretty tight. We passed by the inn and I unconsciously laid my hand on the potions of healing strapped to my belt. I finally struck at the man's pride enough for him to take a swing at me. The soldier looked suitably cowed. The air outside the inn was chilly enough that I was thankful for my cloak. While she busied herself with buying whatever provisions she was after I stepped into the nearby apothecary, a shop called the White Phial.

He was a tall Nord with dirty blonde hair. By the look of her, I had to guess she wasn't quite out of her teens. He stood at about the same height as his companion, though he was a touch bulkier around his shoulders. She gave my hand a tug Argonian led me to the market.

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She offered her hand to me. I was actually a little surprised when the man avoided it and managed to finally catch me with a quick hook.

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On my way out the door I grabbed a couple of books from my pack and set them down on the bedside table. I looked around for something that may direct me to an apothecary and instead found my eyes on a young Dunmer woman being harassed by a couple of humans. It isn't a fight I'm likely to lose," I shot right back. I could just feel the shape of her curves through the thick fabric. I caught his hair while he fell to hold him in place long enough for my knee to connect with his cheek. If this continued every time I had to leave I figured I could live with that. I was worried considerably that the starstruck look in her eyes didn't diminish.

I resisted the urge to punch him.

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I took advantage of his stumble and spun around with a long punch that caught him across the temple. I was struck by how much smaller the woman was than me. She was rather pretty, I had to admit, though she looked a touch younger than me. He didn't reply. Actually, I had probably broken a couple of ribs in the fight and my arm had felt like it had been brutalized, but a mouthful of alchemical curative did wonders for speeding up my Histskin. I slid my hand up her body from her hip to her chest against the blanket covering her.

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It felt like Evening Star but it couldn't have been later than mid-Sun's Dusk. I knew what the man was there for. It would explain why you weren't very worried about fighting Rolff Stone-Fist. I didn't feel like I was going to lose any sleep over it. I took a step back and gently pushed the Dunmer woman out of the way. It was a pleasantly simple matter of buying what I needed and leaving. I imagined the guards took a dim enough view of Argonians and Dunmer as it stood.

He wants me to come visit him and I'm refusing. He just withered under my glare and left to carry my refusal back to his precious commander. It's Dovahkiin," I corrected her.

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I was about to her when a soldier dressed in a vaguely familiar blue uniform approached me. I am humbled. I imagined the girl fanfiction be quite agile, had she the mind to be. I was about to stand back up when her hands darted to my face to catch me. He had the musculature of a dock worker, I noted.

My lips pulled back in an annoyed frown. I caught a glimpse of startlingly white teeth behind ruddy grey lips and realized I was staring. He hit the snow covered stone with a dull thud. I noticed my breaths passing my lips as small puffs of vapour and wondered what month it had gotten to without my notice.

I offered to escort her back to her home and she happily agreed. I grumbled at my own hero complex getting me into another fight before sex them. I unclenched my Argonian a little and levelled a cool, challenging stare on the man. She bounced jubilantly ahead, humming some foreboding tune. I wouldn't want to be left all alone in this cold room," I was shocked at the pout she directed my way.

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It was late at night in the snowy wilderness of Dawnstar when the dragonborn approached a large yellow tent that was flanked by two smaller tents.

Were Women Crucified

This is a fanfic about a female Argonian, the werewolves of Solstheim, and the Daedra Lord

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So long as the argonian didn't look back and notice the erection behind him.