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Alaska playboy model

Alaska Playboy Model


By Daily Mail Reporter. A Playboy Playmate was arrested after she tried to smuggle a man into the U.

Name: Eilis

What is my age: I am 67
My sexual identity: Man
Tone of my eyes: Lustrous brown eyes
What is my gender: Lady
What is the color of my hair: Blond
What is my body features: My figure features is plump
What I prefer to drink: Brandy
I prefer to listen: Reggae

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Every kid longs for real, genuine adventure, but not all seem to be able to keep their dreams protected from the clutches of adulthood. I hate being miserable as much as anybody else, but I believe the subtle dangers of comfort and passivity pose an even greater threat. A fresh layer of snow blanketed our bikes, and the peaks of the Allagash Mountains were just so visible in the distance.

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The winter packs on more than a few feet of ice and snow, not to mention frequent avalanches and temps of minus 60 degrees Fahrenheit. We laughed, immediately remembering one of the many moments that are only found amusing in hindsight. I finished my mug of cowboy coffee a hard to swallow, but necessary camping staplespit out the grains and chased it with a couple swigs from our unidentified bottle of booze we had picked up at a liquor store in Fairbanks.

She faces up to 10 years for

As we packed up camp and headed north once again, the weather turned to a steady rain and sleet, ensuring a true arctic welcome and turning the road into percent mud. The wind swept across the open tundra and somehow found its way through our tent walls. The ro had been a mixture of gravel, dust, and mud, and temps were consistently hovering just above freezing.

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I woke up to the sound of the tent walls flapping in the wind. I grew up surrounded by creeks and cornfields, in the countryside of rural Pennsylvania, before the days of even Sony Walkmans and DVDs. The arctic is not for the faint of heart.

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I had been miserable for the last 48 hours and every small convenience did wonders for morale. Covering long distances in a short amount of time in driving through different weather systems.

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Built and used by greasy, road hardened Alaskan truckers for the purpose of transporting oil and supplies, it stretches more than miles before ending at the oil fields of Prudhoe Bay. Teeming with muskox, caribou, moose, wolves and grizzlies, the highway is a dust bowl in the summer and a mud pit come the autumn rains. Out here, a wreck was nothing to laugh about, and fishtailing at 65 mph is mildly terrifying. The coordinates It is a place positioned miles above the Arctic Circle and is the northernmost road-accessible town in the Western Hemisphere. Rifle, check. We were alone in an ocean of earth and sky.

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Allen broke the silence. My parents ensured that my childhood was spent reading books instead of watching TV, and romping through creeks instead of playing video games. The Arctic Tundra was vast, rugged, and beautiful. The temperature dropped well below freezing, and I had slept in every layer of clothing I had. Gas, check. I tightened my goggles, gave the boys a thumbs up and kicked my bike into gear. We were in Alaska alright.

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After all, at the end of the day collecting memories, not things, is what will matter most. My two friends and I made one last stop for gas, water and pipe tobacco before hitting the Dalton Highway. The way you approach one area is going to bleed into others, for better or for worse.

The painted forests turned to mountains, and the mountains to tundra. A large bull moose bolted as I passed within a few yards of it, startling me out of my daydreams. Winter comes early in the north country. Beer, check.

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We had entered the Arctic Circle over a hundred miles back, and the weather was sure holding to its reputation. We shared a laugh as the skies turned grey. It took 30 minutes for my fingers to thaw out and twice as long for my toes. We had arrived at camp the night before, completely exhausted from the last two days of hard riding through an intense combination of wind, rain and sleet.

Good thing he bolted left, I thought to myself.

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Jeremy was up already and Allen was lying with his arms behind his head, looking at the ceiling. For the next miles, we were on our own.

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The Dalton Highway runs from just outside Fairbanks to the tiny industrial town that was our destination, right on the edge of the Arctic Ocean. The arctic is certainly the most beautiful, awful place I have ever seen. How much whiskey do we have left? After the most miserable riding conditions of our lives, we were about to turn around and ride straight back through it. Lotta grizzes up there you know. Our adventure was far from over, and the mile journey back to civilization threw us a couple curve balls and left hooks in the form of disastrous breakdowns and a snowstorm.

The presence of discomfort and hardship in the pursuit of something meaningful is a powerful thing.

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My upbringing instilled in me an appreciation for simplicity and balance that has laid a valuable foundation for my life. We rode by hundreds of miles of truly breathtaking landscapes that stretched as far as the eye could see. I quickly snapped a couple photos of our triumphant success, and we left almost as soon as we arrived. My apprehension gave way to excitement for the adventure ahead.

The winter months are equally contrasted with an eternal darkness, save for the frequent light shows of aurora borealisthe Northern Lights.

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My attention was given to the task at hand and the road ahead. A bulletin board warned locals of an aggressive sow and her cub known to chase people.

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No service, no backup plan—just raw, arctic wilderness. After long, freezing miles, we finally arrived in the god-forsaken town of Deadhorse. We struggled to keep our bikes on two wheels while simultaneously dodging the territorial semi trucks that liked to take the middle ground.

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Love makes us do crazy things.

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Author, entrepreneur, and health and fitness expert with more than a decade of experience in the entertainment industry, Divini Rae has gained international fame as a cover model for leading lifestyle publications, including Playboy Magazine and Australia's Inside Sport Magazine.