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Abdl sissy stories

Abdl Sissy Stories


Tuesday, May 14, Substitute for Mommy. A Substitute for Mommy Taking the Swifer mop tool, I ran it across the kitchen floor, making pass after pass to clean the wooden parquet. Mommy was away for the afternoon and evening so she had tasked me with cleaning the house, as usual.

Name: Cherianne

Years: 28
Ethnic: Greek
Eye tone: I’ve got lively blue eyes
My gender: Girl

Sissy stories

I would find out soon enough. It's almost which is past your bedtime so for now just remember that only mommy or another big person handles all your diaper needs-never you. It seems this was perfect from her point of view. I laid there in a trance as she put a disposable diaper on me, sat me up, finished undressing me, and slipped a pretty pink nighty over my head.

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She wasn't sure which thing made her happier-her new found control of Kevin or the realization that her fantasy would be coming true before long. Ever since my preteen bedwetting days, I have loved the idea of boys or men being put into diapers and completely controlled by the females in their lives rather it be mommy, wife, or even little sister. Poor simple me had no idea as I typed in my secret password "babygirl" that every key punch was being recorded.

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You are going to live your fantasy but mommies are always in charge both in your fantasy and the real world. The thing was that she was more pleased than surprised.

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My thoughts drifted to the rare times when Mary would allow me to fill my mouth with her sweet breast as I drifted off to sleep. Humm, no answer. Mary was also placing a Abdl orders online. Mommy has to get you ready for beddy bye. I thought I was going to pass out. Mommy will help you learn the new rules as we go. After all, it was what I story wasn't it?

I closed my eyes and waited to taste the surprise, assuming it was a new wine. Now hold your ba ba with two hands. Mary knows I adore sucking on and kissing her ample breasts. It all started about six months ago. By the glow of the night light, I could make out the single bed with a pink Sissy Kitty spread. Once upon a time there was a sissy who pretended to be a man, but no more.

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She got up and went to the bedroom only to return wearing nothing but a pair of white panties. Naturally, I started to get a little hard. Surely, I could never admit to that! I wondered if a baby's mouth felt as full as mine did. Worse, I knew she saw the reaction of my penis but said nothing.

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Maybe she was just guessing but she sure seemed serious. Then she replaced it before kissing me on the forehead and heading out of the room with a final warning for her baby to go to sleep and not get out of bed for any reason.

Isn't she pretty? Come on, men do it too.

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I just know you are going to make such a happy and precious baby sissy for mommy. She cheated actually. I was glad she didn't know the real reason I loved her breasts. My fantasies also involve those same males being turned into sissy baby girls. At that point, I had no idea of her real motive in learning my deepest secrets or the lengths she would go to ferret them out. Why it's "Hello Kitty". She will be back in a few minutes with a surprise and night night story.

Like pvc and plastic pants — favorite diaper, sissy stories

With that she pushed one of her nipples near the corner of my mouth, moving it slowly across just out of reach. With that she pulled the bottle from my trembling lips and helped me into the nighty. Next my thoughts turned to the pacifier. One day, she set up her camcorder on the shelf of the closet in the spare room where I keep my computer. The more you suck on it the more you'll learn to love it.

My mind spun as I lay there trying to understand what was happening to me. I just sat there in total disbelief until she helped me under the covers. Well, you know.

Diaper sissy stories

I gave her a hug and put her on my chest. About midnight, I awoke with a start. To make it worse, she refused to sit next to me until I sat on my hands and promised not to touch without permission. It's really simple so you can understand.

You see I have the weirdest fantasy in the world. I want you to keep your paci in your mouth. I was thrilled and scared to death at the same moment. I'm no longer allowed to use the computer at home. Mary wanted his mouth to be very full so that she would not have to hear any adult words from her new baby.

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It seems you've been keeping secrets from mommy and she isn't happy about it so I suggest you try to be a very good little girl. With that she popped the paci out of my mouth and told me to kiss my dolly good night. She waited all the way till Sunday evening to introduce me to my new life.

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Instantly I froze. I have a pretty but very hard hairbrush in case you forget that simple fact. But wait as they say in the commercials. Would you like something to drink too? Now I was happily ignorant of her voyage into my soul for the next several days. Anyway this isn't your choice. Mary that's my wife and I were sitting on the couch one Friday night having some wine when out of the blue she started. The door was open a crack with the camcorder focused on the keyboard. Besides, she was sure her sissy would soon love that full feeling.

My pants and underpants were pulled down before she pushed me onto the bed.

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Sometimes my name is Kevin though not too often any more. I never uttered a word and soon the bottle was back in my mouth.

Kevin's story

For the record, I'm typing this during my lunch time at work. How many times had I watched them on E-bay auctions trying to figure out a way to buy one and somehow get it to the house without Mary finding out. I picked up the doll and studied her face in the glow of the night light. I bet you would adore a "Hello Kitty" bib to go with your bottle. She noticed that I became more erect.

Do you fantasize about having your own little breasts, then?

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Of course Kevin's thing wouldn't fill a thimble from a woman's point of view. During mommy's research on pacifiers, she read that some adults don't like the largest size because it fills the mouth and is not comfortable at first. Suddenly I missed having Mary lying next to me in bed. Now I wasn't so sure. Now my mouth was filled with the very thing I longed for. She rubbed the large nipple of the pacifier against his lips before he opened wide to accept his "surprise".

Bobby's stories

The very next afternoon while I was still at work, my clever wife was home typing in my odd password. I was taken aback by her strong tone Abdl I kind of liked it too. A naughty smile crossed her face as Mary thought of another thing that could fill a sissy's mouth. I bravely decided to drink my bottle quietly. A trip though my favorite places files gave her all the details of my shocking thoughts. As I was searching the web for stories of petticoated and diapered males, she was in the other story with her laptop doing research on the same subject.

Somehow she knew but I didn't know how much. It seems my very determined wife found her own way to learn what she wanted to know. Joy, fear, and utter confusion swirled in my sissy as I held my bottle tightly with two hands and drank the sweet liquid. She really is a pretty dolly I thought as I touched her soft nylon nighty and slippery diaper. After another glass of wine she tried again to get me to open up.

My wife says it will help me to tell my story so here goes. She led me to the spare bedroom.

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Mary, meanwhile, was busy readying her baby's new gift. It gets worse.

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Mary found herself humming as she headed back to the new nursery.

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